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How to Record Web Radio?

Free Online Radio Player Recorder A web radio is a live stream of an event that can be listened on the Internet. As it is live, it is only available during the time of the stream. If you wish to listen it again at a later date, it may be a good idea to capture the stream. Free Online Radio Player Recorder is perfect for this task. With the program you can record your favorite music stations, radio talk shows, sports broadcasts and more, and listen to the recordings at your own convenience. Free Online Radio Player Recorder provides time triggered recording to record either an online radio stream or actual FM/AM broadcasts automatically on the day(s), time and duration you choose. Now, download and install Free Online Radio Player Recorder and enjoy your recordings!

Download Free Online Radio Player Recorder, 100% freeware!

Step 1. Active Schedule

Launch Free Online Radio Player Recorder and click "Schedule".

Active Schedule

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Step 2. Schedule Date

Check "Enable Schedule Recording". You can select the schedule to be involved with Once, Daily or Weekly.

Once - with this option the scheduled recording will be performed only once at the selected date and time for the specified duration.

Daily - with this option the scheduled recording will be performed daily at the selected time and for the specified duration, starting from the date specified by Start Date to the date specified by Expire Date.

Weekly - with this option the scheduled recording will be performed weekly at the selected days from Monday to Sunday.

Schedule Date

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Step 3. Schedule Time

In "Time" section, you can specify the starting time & ending time that is precise to seconds by entering the number or clicking the Up/Down arrow. Then, click "OK" to save all your settings of schedule recording.

Schedule Time

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